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CHILDREN’S THEATRE MAGAZINE INTERVIEW: she’s the former shy girl who found school boring but has been transformed into a lively performer – meet the flame-haired actor Charlie Raine from Sunderland who loves going Boing! 

Charlie Raine actor 2017 Trinity_St_James_-547

Someone told me that you come from up north but have gone south. So who exactly are you?
I’m Charlie Raine, an actor originally from Sunderland but currently based in London. As a child I was painfully shy and so aged 11, my mam sent me to my local drama club where I found confidence and a love for theatre. School life didn’t appeal to me and I only truly started to excel when I moved on to college to study Performing Arts. I then studied Applied Theatre at Northumbria University, became a freelance workshop facilitator and got involved with community projects at local schools and hospices. After graduating aged 21, I moved to London and gained a Masters in ‘Theatre for Young Audiences’ at Rose Bruford.
Children’s theatre isn’t everyone’s choice to specialise in – so why have you?
Children are the most honest, responsive and appreciative audiences you’ll find. Yet, children’s theatre often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Having the ability to perform to an audience of hundreds of children is a tough enough skill in itself, let alone keeping them engaged for the entire time. For me, children’s theatre never gets boring and I feel proud to specialise in this art.

Charlie Raine actor 2017
What have you learnt this year in theatre?
In 2016, I was very lucky to work with such wonderful and varied projects. I feel I have developed my stamina as a performer and also have a greater understanding the type of work I wish to achieve.
Aspirations as performer – do you have a bucket list?
I am very early in my career and so I still have a bucket list of companies and artists I aspire to work with. As a creative person, I can’t see myself having one specific pathway or dream job. This year I will be making the leap from actor to theatre maker and so I hope for that tour to be well-received. Ideally, I would like to be performing in and making theatre for young audiences that is entertaining and respected. I’d also like to tick a few companies off my bucket list and be a bit more established in this industry.
Best children’s show you’ve seen and your favourite children’s literature?
I grew up reading Jacqueline Wilson and Roald Dahl and so their books will always be special and comforting for me. My favourite children’s shows are ‘Boing!’ (Travelling Light & Bristol Old Vic) and ‘Henry the Fifth’ (Unicorn Theatre).

Charlie Raine actor
What is the scene like for children’s theatre in the north of England?
In the north east of England we’re lucky to have Theatre Hullabaloo and also Take Off Festival which showcases some of the UK’s best children’s theatre. It’s great to see so many respected companies bring their shows to venues in the north east; however, I would love to see more children’s theatre being created up north.
Who do you most admire – it can be anyone – not just in theatre?
My favourite actor is Julie Walters.
Worst thing about yourself?
I often over-analyse. I have a logistical mind and so can struggle with spontaneity; this can also be a good quality too.
Best thing about yourself?
My ambition.

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